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    In 2005, Moiz and Sumra, were both actively involved in the annual Hopewell-Lawrence Operation Smile auction, little did they know how big of an impact that April evening would have on the rest of their lives. Moiz also graduated from High School this year and started his freshman year at Rutgers University. This was the beginning of their forever.

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    In 2006, Sumra graduated from Hopewell and echoed Moiz by giving her class president speech around the same time he did the year before! Moiz provided a support system and served as a guide for Sumra as she transitioned to Rutgers University. Also, Moiz started an internship at Metlife, which was the beginning of his corporate career.

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    In 2007, Sumra and Moiz met some great RU friends who would still be part of their lives today. They enjoyed their early college years and took advantage of all that Rutgers had to offer – specifically free train rides to Platters at 53rd and 6th!

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    In 2008, Moiz and Sumra's families came together to celebrate his cousin Nazleen and Rob's wedding. They continued to enjoy their time at Rutgers as they both started to prepare for their future careers: medicine for Sumra and business/IT for Moiz.

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    In 2009, Moiz graduated at the top of his class from Rutgers University. He was blessed to turn his college internship into a full-time career. Moiz continued to put his extra time during nights and weekends for computer consulting and other business ventures. Sumra continued to study hard and prep for the hopes of getting into medical school.

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    In 2010, Sumra graduated from Rutgers University and moved across Route 18 to start her journey through medical school. Sumra and Moiz also celebrated the wedding of the very couple that introduced them, Barbara and Nick!

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    In 2011, Sumra settled into Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Sumra and Moiz made several more friends who would later join them in India for the engagement surprise. This year, Sumra also spent her summer in Ecuador and became fluent in Spanish while Moiz continued his "hustle" to be successful.

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    In 2012, Sumra's two older sisters got married! Chris and Nadir joined the Ahmed family as Sumra passed her first board exam. Sumra and Moiz and a group of friends made a celebratory trip to the Dominican Republic. It was their first international trip together. Also, Moiz's "hustle" started to pay off and he purchased his dream car, a Lamborghini!

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    In 2013, Moiz's real "hustle" paid off – he landed the woman of his dreams. Moiz and Sumra took an international trip with a group of friends to India. Sumra thought she was simply visiting her sister and brother-in-law with some friends and exploring India. To her surprise, with the permission of her parents, Moiz had secretly rounded up their friends & family for his planned proposal in front of the Taj Mahal. See The Proposal section for more details!

  10. 2014 Pic 1

    2014 is now. This is the beginning of many new beginnings for the couple! Inshallah Sumra will be graduating with her MD and starting her next professional chapter: residency. Moiz, ready for a new adventure, will relocate his professional career to wherever the infamous MATCH takes them. May 2014 will be a memorable time in their lives – it will commemorate the next step in their professional and personal lives. They first met 9 years ago and will now commit themselves to each other forever.