The Groom


I work at MetLife as a Senior Business Analyst/Engineer but better known by my friends as the Computer “Whiz” Kid. My passions include: tinkering with cool new gadgets and all things technology, computers, exotic cars, butter chicken, hustling (see timeline for details), movies, entrepreneurial ventures, photography, trying new restaurants, and dreaming big. I am excited to start a new journey with Sumra!

The Groomsmen >: l

25 and living in NYC, I am Moiz's younger (but taller and better looking) brother. LOL! As an investment banker and entrepreneur, I've learned from hands-on experience that higher risk comes with higher rewards. This must be Sumra's justification for marrying my brother.. haha jk jk.

When I first met Sumra, I don't think I even tried to remember her name since my brothers track record for keeping the same girl around for more than a few days was questionable. I think at one point, I knew her as "Armus", because her instant messenger screenname was ArmusDehma and I saw her on my brothers online chat more than I did in person, haha. But, here we are 8 years later getting ready for a marriage of two beautiful souls. Congrats Moiz and Sumra!


Yo yo yo, my name is Mike Alexander aka "Big Mike." I reside in Robbinsville and I'm currently single. I'm a good-looking, trust worthy, honest, still achieving greatness, young guy. I like long walks on the beach, sports and eating at Agricola. I'm looking for an attractive, athletic, honest, well-accomplished women. I've known Moiz since middle school and have been through everything with him. So much that we could probably write a New York best seller book maybe even two. If there's one thing to say about Moiz, its lateness. Ya you probably thought I was going to say greatness but not yet, a lot of work to still be done. The guy tells you 6pm and it's 7pm before you're on your way to dinner. However there may be a reason for that lateness, the guy strives and I mean strives for perfection. Sometimes not even necessary but always gives 110%.

A long lasting memory I will have of both of them, is the day we went to Taj Mahal. To be able to capture the proposal in real time through pictures is something that will never be forgotten. And you're probably asking yourself is this magnificent friend still single? Don't all come at once!


I live in Robbinsville with my wife Barbara and our Dalmatian, Sasha. I met Moiz in 7th grade and we have remained friends ever since! Barbara and I introduced Sumra and Moiz to each other!

See Barb's story – I was there when Barbara and Moiz met and the discussion of this infamous brown girl started. Now they're getting married!


I'm Dave, I met Moiz at my first job in high school at the infamous Halo Pub. From there we became best of friends and it was quite the adventure as our friendship grew. From filming car videos in the parking lot of Taco Bell to living together at college you could say Moiz and I definitely grew up together. We have had some great memories together (some I'm not allowed to tell) but I think one of the funniest first memories I have of Moiz was when he would conduct "science experiments" with the Halo Pub ice cream and fruit.

One of the first memories I have of Sumra and Moiz is actually one of the first times Sumra and myself bonded. I had started a DJ business in high school and Moiz asked me if I would DJ one of Sumra's high school dances. It was when I had first started out and I had such a great time with the two of them that night. It was at the beginning of their friendship and I distinctly remember Moiz being extremely protective of Sumra. Since then Sumra and I have always been close friends. Years later in college I went on to DJ Operation Smile for Sumra, who would have thought!


Sumra's one and only younger brother. I live in Pennington, NJ.

A few years ago, my parents were interested in buying a new TV for our basement. We knew the best deal would come on Black Friday over Thanksgiving weekend, but that also meant going to the store in the middle of the night and waiting in line outside until the doors opened. I was looking for every excuse to gently turn down my parents but couldn't refuse when both Sumra and Moiz volunteered to go. The three of us went to Best Buy that very late, cold Thursday night and thankfully, Sumra grabbed us all some hot chocolate to help us keep warm. Sumra and Moiz are not only very supportive of each other; they both go above and beyond the call of duty to help friends and family.


I am an Egyptian Born in NJ, who grew up in Cairo and moved back to the United States for college. I don't know who the bride or groom are or how you people got my email address but I was intrigued and in hopes of getting invited to the wedding I decided to fill this questionnaire out and send it back. The names sound Indian. I hope it's not a vegetarian wedding. If it is its ok, please invite me anyway. I'll bring my own meat....

I remember the time when Sumra was having a surprise birthday party for Moiz at my old restaurant in New Brunswick. She was planning and inviting and making sure everything was as perfect as can be. Everyone showed up all dressed up with gifts and smiles. He was convinced that once he got to the restaurant, me and the boys were waiting to take him out to the city. Food and beautiful women were promised to him as the bait. (which by the way is the bait for any man, more-so if they're in a relationship). He shows up dressed in his 3 piece suit looking as dapper as ever. Sumra as we all know lights up a room when she walks in. It was beautiful..... SURPRISE!!!!! and shock and awe and hugs and pounds from the homies. Food and drinks were everywhere, Music was playing. Clearly it was a perfectly planned surprise celebration.... Moiz standing in the middle of a group of friends turns and as serious as ever says "Wait wait, so we're not going to New York?"
Close XZain's insanely long (yet awesome) "blurb":

I met Sumra and Moiz in my senior year of college. Sometimes, I wish I had met them in our freshmen year but I don't think they were ready to handle me. Wink ;) Sumra was my neighbor and her apartment was "the hangout spot." I made many good friends in Rockoff 412, starting with Moiz. He was definitely one of the most interesting people out of all my friends. Moiz worked full-time as a student and had a very forward thinking attitude. I could call him for tech support, as I have on a few occasions, after I saw the numerous times he fixed Sumra's computer. He is also a food enthusiast so he was always one call away to meet up for a bite or a trip to Shalimar. I am positive we are all going to see butter chicken at all the wedding events.

I was always the third wheel in the group but I never felt it. They earned the title of awesome friends when Moiz invited me over for Thanksgiving dinner at his aunt's house and Sumra invited me to her house for dessert. I was an international student from Bombay and my parents were still back in India. I use to spend Thanksgiving weekend on an empty campus until I met them. On Thanksgiving evening, I met Moiz's family and Sumra's family- some of the nicest people I will ever meet. Sumra and Moiz always treated me like "family" and that's what they are to me.

I met Sharon, Elder and Sanaa through the couple. All of us took a number of trips together- Dominican Republic, Canada and India. Hopefully, the first of many… Moiz had never been to India and he wanted to explore more of his culture. I invited him to come along on my next trip to India and he accepted.

On our first day in Bombay, Moiz traveled in a RICK(shaw) and took a crowded local train with me. It was a mission to get him onto the train. We were going to meet up with Moiz's aunt and she was going to take us to Bohri Mulla. It was the first time he was visiting the shrine that he had heard about his entire life. It was also the neighborhood where his mother grew up. His aunt took him through all the rituals and after that we continued to Saifee Hospital- built and funded by the donations of the Bohri community all around the world. Moiz finally saw the outcome of his donations. It was a day of firsts for him.

Later that week, we went to some of the finest hotels and restaurants in Bombay. We traveled to Rajasthan, visited Jaipur, Ajmer Sharif & Agra. Moiz loved the history and the majestic beauty of the Taj Mahal and the symbol it stood for. I believe that's when he decided to come back with Sumra and propose to her.

Two years later, we did return with Sumra and a group of our friends. Moiz proposed at the Taj, at sunset, and it was an exciting evening. It felt great to be a part of their engagement. Sumra, one of the toughest girls I know, had tears in her eyes. She had just accepted to marry her best friend. The remainder of the trip was spent visiting other historical sites and palaces. We also ran into Amir Khan in a restroom in one of the palaces- a very surreal moment. Moiz's experience of Indian trains wasn't over yet because Sumra wanted us to take the sleeper train from Jaipur to Udaipur. I am sure we will never forget that night… It was an awesome experience.

Another fond memory I have of the couple is a dinner last year in NYC. Shortly after Moiz proposed to Sumra, they invited me to their engagement party/ dinner. They drove to my house to pick me up because I always show up late to events (Indian Standard Time). Everyone screamed "SURPRISE!!" when I entered the restaurant. I thought it was a joke at first… My birthday was two months ago. That's what surprised me the most. I guess it's never too late. The engagement dinner was a façade and they went through the trouble of inviting my other close friends and family. It was good to see all my close friends and loved ones in the same place- thanks to Sumra and Moiz. It was my first surprise birthday party. Plus, it's always a pleasure to hear Sumra sing her signature birthday song "Baar baar yeh din yeh aye.."

Moiz and Sumra are really good matchmakers. Last year, Moiz introduced me to the girl that I am currently in a relationship with. Moiz met her at a conference in Texas. She is from Chicago and he introduced me to her over dinner in NYC. Everything happens for a reason… Had I never met Sumra, I would have never met Moiz or, by extension, the girl I am dating. So, to all the single guys, gals, uncles and aunties out there who are on the market, contact the bride and groom and they will be sure to hook you up.

I have always enjoyed spending time with the couple. Whether we're swimming through the Seven Waterfalls in D.R, celebrating New Year's Eve in Toronto, touring palaces in India or just ordering in and playing a board game at the apartment- It's always a blast! I look forward to meeting everyone at the wedding and share more stories of the happy couple, as well as celebrate the start of a new chapter of Sumra and Moiz's life. Until then, Cheers!


Note- This book is rated PG and an abridged version to the original ;)


Hello everyone! My name is Zain. Some of you might already know me but for those who don't, I live in North Jersey and I work in the defense industry. When Sumra and Moiz first asked me to write this profile and share a memory that I have had with them, my inner monologue response was that I can write a book on our adventures. So here we go…


A/S/L (Yup, taken it back to AIM talk): 27/Male/Highland Park. I was fortunate enough to first meet Sumra through Sharon Vaz, her roommate at the time. After some time Sumra introduced me to Moiz and since our encounter our lives have never been the same.

The greatest memory I have with both Sumra & Moiz is flying to India and witnessing the proposal happen. I've known the two for a few years, but watching them grow together in harmony and seeing them take the next step in their lives is truly a blessing. They are truly the epitome of true love.

More Bridesmaids ; )


I'm Hira, Sumra's college roommate. We met first day of freshman year and have never really looked back. I grew up in Jersey and am currently back after grad school in Boston. I work in the city doing clinical trials research.

I have known Sumra and Moiz for so long at this point that it is hard to think of just one memory. When I first met them, they both loved Polos and Birkenstocks. Moiz was a bit more shy and Sumra has not really changed much (surprise, surprise :)). They have both always been so thoughtful, never missing an occasion. They even visited me my first weekend in Boston when I didn't know anyone (well, anyone other than those other Ahmeds!). Now it's hard to think about one without the other. I look forward to another 8 years of memories.


My name is Miriam and I live in Staten Island, New York. I am Sumra's best Egyptian (woot woot!!) friend. We met our first day at Rutgers University back in 2006 and have been close ever since. Living with a friend like Sumra throughout college was what made undergrad so great and unforgettable. From our midnight food runs to our roommate dance parties, we have created memories that will last a lifetime. She is the definition of a true friend and has become family to me.

I have so many great memories with Sumra and Moiz but one special memory is when I went off to graduate school. They came down to Philadelphia to visit me the first day I moved into my apartment and took me out so I could feel like I wasn't alone. I love them both very much and wish them a life together filled with love, happiness, and lots of babies! :)


I met the bride at a party on the night of Rutgersfest 2010, and when I found out she was going to RWJMS, I pretty much immediately asked her to be my roommate. The next morning, unsure if she would remember our short chance encounter, I awkwardly texted her and invited her to coffee. She rejected me at first, but eventually, after a lot of hard work and persistence, I won her over and got her to sign a 2-year lease, which she says is the best decision she ever made (second only to her decision to marry Moiz)! :)

So many of my memories of Sumra involve sleeping (we each have an album of each other sleeping when we should have been studying) or dancing - we have danced to Danza Kuduro before EVERY medical school exam, and somehow we always find our way to each other like magnets if it ever comes on in public. Most of my memories of Moiz involve eating (butter chicken, peanut butter, and mango make frequent appearances) or having deep philosophical debates on education, politics, and technology. Being a part of the couple's journey over the last 4 years has been so much fun, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for them!


I'm from Cherry Hill, NJ and have known Moiz my whole life because our parents are in the same "Potluck" community club. But, I met Sumra my first year of medical school at Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson. Sumra and I really became tight our second year of medical school when we realized we had the same sense of humor (right Sums?).

Over the last three years of med school Sumra and Moiz have become my closest friends. When Moiz invited their closest friends on a trip to India so that he could propose to Sumra, I was tickled pink to not only be invited on the trip but to be present during such a touching and personal moment. It was surreal to see Moiz, this dorky bohri kid I've know my whole life, propose to Sumra, my qwerky and nerdy medschool friend, in front of the most beautiful monument created in the name of love, the Taj Mahal. I'm so lucky to have been a part of their beautiful proposal and now their upcoming nuptuals!


I'm Ani's niece and pretty much the love of her life. Ani = Sumra.

When I first met Ano (Moiz), we had a great time. He was nice enough to carry me around and he was very kind and careful! Ano and Ani make a great pair, and I plan to give Ano lots of practice in holding babies before he has his own. Lucky for him, I'm a pro at being held. I can't wait for more fun times with them!
The Bride


I am graduating medical school the week prior to the wedding and will be joining an OBGYN residency program this July! My passions include: women's health, traveling, testing my taste buds with ethnic cuisine, spontaneous outings with friends, foreign films, dancing, adventures outdoors, my family, freestyle rap, and sleeping. Looking forward to starting the next chapter of my life with my best friend, Moiz!

The Bridesmaids ; )

Sumra's inspiration and the reason for her existence also known as her older but not wiser sister. I live in Washington, DC.

Sumra met Moiz while I was away in college, periodically I kept hearing about this friend of Ehsans and Sumras who was so helpful around the house - building a banister and steps to the shed; and negotiating car purchases. It took years for me to meet this mysterious friend of my younger siblings. You worked your way into the Ahmed family, Moiz and we're glad you did!

I'm Sumra's older sister. She used to follow me around and try to be my friend. Now, I wish I could be her when I grow up.

Last April, Sumra (alongside my older sister) hosted a very generous baby shower for our baby girl, Leila. Moiz, being the supportive, up for anything guy he is, trekked it to Boston and even signed up to make rice krispie treats for the event. Over the weekend, the city was on high alert and people were asked to limit going outside. In accordance, we were all ordering subs and staying in. Moiz, the foodie he is, had a craving for something a bit more sophisticated. In true ride or die fashion, Sumra decided to join Moiz in his quest for the perfect lunch. They walked over a mile to pick it up and returned happy as ever. It was a clear indication of their bond to each other. They support each other whether it be making time for family events or tracking down some platters-like goodness in New England.


I'm Humaira, one of Sumra's best friends from Princeton. I have known her for as far back as I can remember... Since diaper days! It's amazing to have a friend that has been like a sister to me for over 20 years!

My favorite memory of Moiz and Sumra has to be the first time they hung out after meeting at an Operation Smile event! Sumra told me she was going out to lunch with a few people she met and one of them was Moiz. She asked me to call her while she was at lunch just in case she had to bail! I called her and she told me she was having a great time and hung up on me! And well, you guys know the rest!


I have known Sumra my entire life. Granted our families are very close... So growing up I didn't have a choice but to be nice. But watching Sumra grow into this mature, beautiful, successful woman, I can honestly say that after all these years we stayed friends by choice.

I was introduced to Moiz during our college years and was instantly able to tell that he was too good for Sumra! I'm just kidding! Moiz has actually been more useful to my life than my best friend Sumra has. Moiz helped me with numerous computer issues, making dance mixes for a friend's wedding, even as far as helping me ring shop while I was picking an engagement ring! All jokes aside, Sumra and Moiz couldn't be more made for each other. I see how happy he makes Sumra and there is nothing more any of us could ask for. Love you both and wishing you both the very best!


We go way back…Sumra and I have known each other since before we were born! Our parents are close friends from many years ago so from diapers to now, Sumra is like a sister to me….the funny looking sister.

I am so happy for Sumra and Moiz! I still remember the first time I met Moiz back in Sumra's giddy phase and knew that she was going to spend her life with a best friend. Plus my husband Sohaib and Moiz get along great (because of their love for cars), which will leave us to have our tea-time dates!


August 28th, 1990 was the day Sumra was blessed with the most beautiful baby sister, ME! That's right, we've known each other since I was born. As I've had the privilege of having her as one of my best friends, I can appreciate each and every one of her amazing qualities. Not only is she the most humble, down to earth, and intelligent girl that I know, but also has a sense of humor that should be featured on television. It's because of all this, that I look up to this outstanding woman! (Moiz, the rare yellow diamond, couldn't have been more fitting for such a unique and beautiful girl!)

One keen and very important memory I have of Moiz was one night when we had all gone out, Sumra and Moiz dropped me off. On the drive home, Moiz and I had one of our very first real conversations. He was discussing Surah Ma'ida with me. It was in that instant, that I knew he would be perfect for my sister. And then I told Sumra, he knew exactly how to get my approval ;)! May God shower you both with his choicest blessings. I love you both!


I've known Sumra since childhood, but "childhood friend" does not even begin to capture everything she is to me. She's more sister than friend—we've been through everything together, from playdates and sleepovers to college and even my own wedding. I left New Jersey carrying more memories of Sumra than I could possibly share. And she left carrying more embarrassing videos of me than I'd like to admit—so now I have no choice but to be nice to her!

And Moiz. He's definitely the cooler one—between his jokes that are never really meant to be jokes and his "serious" comments that no one can take seriously, I know he's the perfect match for Sumra. He's the type of person you can rely on for anything, whether it's helping me with projects for the masjid, fixing laptops, or picking out a car. I'll always be there for you as well- even if its 5am to pick up your car from the impound lot! Moiz and Sumra are by far the most down-to-earth, fun, and loving couple I can think of, and I can't wait to celebrate with you two!


Sumo and I go as far back as I can remember. It all started with NUI/Sunday school days, then sleepovers at the Arif's, and into college. All of which were full of "Sumra's surprises" haha. This girl is seriously, and undoubtedly the WHOLE package. The one thing that Sumra and I share every time we're together is uncontrollable laughter, you know, the kind that makes your stomach hurt. And I love it.

I'm not one who pays much attention to detail, but I will always remember the way Moiz looks at Sumra. It's as if he falls in love with her, all over again, each time. May God bless you both with eternal love and happiness. May your love shelter you both during the times that may be difficult. And may it remind you to be thankful during the times that are full of bliss. Ameen.


Katie Maybury is a resident of Boston, MA where she works for a software company in campus recruitment! Katie and Sumra go way back, as they grew up in p-ton farms stirring up trouble on the streets of Westcott Blvd. The inseparable pair and champions of kickball were often mistaken for sisters, despite their Irish/Pakistani complexions. Both Sumra and Maybs are still the best of friends and love catching up the few times of the year they can...

Some of my earliest memories of the lovely couple involve trips to Halo Pub in Moiz's fancy car at the time. While eating the best ice cream EVER one summer evening at the Palmer Square location, during the Moiz/Sumra college years, we ran into celebrity Rain Wilson (Dwight from the sitcom 'The Office'). Even though Sumo, Moiz, and Maybs were the true office fans, Hannah captured Rain with her charm and they spoke for almost 20 minutes! We are all still a bit bitter....


I live in New York City and was born and raised in Princeton, NJ. I have known Sumra since elementary school and am an original member of kSk (Katie-Sumra-Katie).

Because I have known Sumra for so long and consider her a sister- there are many stories I could tell. However, one of my favorites of both Sumra and Moiz was from high school. I was already off at boarding school, but would receive few updates from Sumra from time to time. It was within the first few years that they met, when Moiz was pulling out all of the tricks to win our little S…with his fancy cars, their mutual love for Operation Smile etc. The first time Moiz said "I love you" to Sumra he wrote it on the inside of the car window using a glowing ink that could only be seen with a blacklight! I couldn't imagine anything more romantic, delicate and telling about this young man and how much joy he was about to bring to her life. I couldn't be more thrilled to be including in this wedding party and can't wait for the celebrations to begin!


I moved across the street from Sumra the summer before 1st grade. We were 6 years old. My mom started a conversation with Fareha and discovered that Sumra and I were the same age. We played hide-n-seek in the front yard that day...we've been friends ever since! I currently live in San Diego, California and am pursuing a MFA in Acting with the UC-San Diego/La Jolla Playhouse Graduate Acting Program.

Over the past few years, it's become a kind of tradition to get together at my house and play board games. A year or so ago, a group of us were playing the game "Liebrary" where each player has to write and submit their best attempt at the first line of a real book. As each player's submissions were being read out loud, one "first line" sounded strangely familiar...turns out, Moiz wrote down the first lines of Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" - it was so funny! We were all in hysterics as we considered the opening lines of a Jane Austen novel "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...."


I am a childhood friend of Sumra's and am working as a Clinical Dietitian in Boston.

One of my first memories of Sumra and Moiz was the Lawrence high school food festival. When we arrived I expected to have the chance to taste many new and different foods. However the night unfolded in a way none of us could have predicted. An impromptu talent show filled with magicians, rappers and dancers left all of us laughing long after the night was over. Moiz and Sumra share a wonderful love of school spirit and it was clear on this night why they made such a great pair. Congratulations and best of luck to Sumra and Moiz!!!


I currently live in Robbinsville with my husband Nick and our Dalmatian, Sasha. I became friends with Sumra in high school, where we took many of the same classes and had great times together. It was through Nick and I, that Moiz and Sumra met each other!

When I met Moiz, one of Nick's best friends, he quickly asked me about a "beautiful girl" he had seen at an Operation Smile charity function and who went to my high school. Little did he know, she was one of my best friends! Moiz and Sumra were destined to meet and we knew they would get along! Both were class presidents, both were involved in Operation Smile, and both are great people inside and out. We are so happy to see them get married!


Born in North Jersey, raised in Hopewell but NYC has always felt more like home than anywhere else. I met Sumra sometime in middle school when fate stepped in and put us in the same homeroom. Ok, fine fate had no hand in it... I gotta give it up to our A letter last names!

One of my favorite memories of Sums and Moizilla was helping them get glammed up for a friend's wedding. It took longer to get Moiz ready than Sumra!